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The Girls’ Party

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Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who came up to celebrate the girls’ birthdays! They had an amazing time, and so did I.  We are so blessed to have such amazing, caring, kind, and wonderful families! Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts! Here are some pictures from Saturday.


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Things aren’t too great with my grandma lately, which may be to be expected since she is very close to her 101th birthday (June 17th, but more officially June 19th since that is the day her birth certificate was recorded). And that is a very long time for anyone to live.

She barely wakes up anymore and doesn’t get out of bed except once every day or every other day to go use the toilet, and even then she can barely walk anymore and has to be wheeled the 10 feet to the bathroom.

A priest came to give her an Annointing of the Sick and she seemed to feel better afterwards, saying that it was “lovely” and “emotional”.

She can be woken up for short periods of time, but is exhausted afterward. She sleeps about 23 hours out of every 24. She is tired, and I suppose it is to be expected after so many years of life. In many respects she is one of the lucky ones, because she did not have a slow decline that lasted for years like many other people do. In fact, although she was already close to the exhaustion she is demonstrating now, she danced last month at a party. Her spirit is strong. Here is the video.

Easter 2010

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Easter was really great. Phillip and I went to St Therese for Latin Mass and they sang this song at communion, it gave me the chills!

While he and I went to Mass, Ivy and Violet did an egg hunt and grandma and grandpas.

Then afterwards we went to  my cousin Diane’s house, where we spent some time surprise-smashing eggs filled with confetti on each other’s heads- way fun!

Here is video of Ivy singing as Snow White:

And if you click on the pic below you can see the photos from Easter 2010!

Brandon’s Birthday Bash

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Brandon has now turned one, thus closing the chapter of his very first year on earth. Violet and Henry welcome him to the post-infant era! A little less teething, a whole lot more walking, talking, and playing… life is good for toddlers!

The circus themed party was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed all the games, prizes and especially the junk food!! It would not be the circus without a lot of sugar.

Ivy with the clown nose

Ivy with the clown nose

Singing Happy Birthday to Brandon

Singing Happy Birthday to Brandon

Violet le clown

Violet le clown

"Please don't eat me, giant cake monster!!!"

"Please don't eat me, giant cake monster!!!"

Happy Birthday, Cel

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Ivy: Whose birthday is it?

Me: Marcela’s birthday.

Ivy: We can get her cake?

Me: No, I’m sorry but we can’t. She’s not here.

Ivy: She’s in church?

Me: She is in heaven.

Ivy: Let’s get her to come to my home! We can sing to her and get a cake.

Me: I don’t think we can do that.

Ivy: Yes we can! My love will just come out of my heart and float, float, float away and get into her heart, and then angels can get her and bring her to my home. And we can have cake!

Marcela, I hope you can feel Ivy's love and mine! I miss you so much!

Marcela, I hope you can feel Ivy's love and mine! I miss you so much!