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Ivy Update

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I found out today that Ivy can fold towels. Last time I tried to get her to help me she would ball them up in no particular way, and hand them over. Today she folded them in half and then in half again… and then just to mix it up, she folded some in thirds!! I had no idea she understood the concept of thirds!

Holy Mother of God!

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Ivy draped herself in my robe and started trying to crush a toy with her foot. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered to be a toy snake. When we asked her what she was doing she said she was pretending to be Mary. Its scary how much they pay attention to what you say and what they see!!!


Genesis 3:15 - "I will put enmities between thee ("the serpent") and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."

The pretending continued on after she abandoned the snake when she stuffed a doll underneath her shirt. Again, when we questioned her we were surprised by her answer. She said she was still Mary, and that Jesus was in her belly.


Immaculate Conception!

So there you go. Our daughter is aspiring to be Mary. I am totally okay with that!

While we are on religious topics, I thought some of you might enjoy this little gem:

Why Stop At Just One Blog?

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Actually, I really don’t want to have a million blogs out there, but I felt inspired to start a new one.

Even though anyone reading this blog already knows about that one, I do want to keep them separate. This one is private – for family and personal stuff. That one is more for public entertainment. I do plan on there being some crossover, but for the most part I am hoping not to get too repetitive between the two. I think I am going to repost some of the funnier things from this blog, but rest assured its not always going to be like that. I just want to make sure the world benefits from my irresistible wit as fully as possible. You’re welcome.

I also feel like having a public blog will be a good exercise for my brain, and kind of makes me feels slightly more legitimate as a writer. I cannot promise it will take me anywhere other than maybe entertain one or two people for a short time. For all I know it will fizzle and die an ignominious death, having been read by almost no one. But I hope you will all follow along while its around. That means signing up as a “Follower” on your Google reader so others can see someone out there actually reads it too, and definitely commenting at every opportunity. You guys are always so supportive, and these things in particular will really help me.

Welcome to Las Vegas Mama.