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Craftiness and Ballet

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We went to a birthday party yesterday for a friend of Ivy’s named Isabella. I want you all to know how awesome I am, because I made this apron as a gift:

And decorated this plain gift bag with scrapbooking supplies:

And it was super easy, and fun, and I have no idea why I never tried it before. I am very proud of myself in case you cannot tell.

Anyway, we have a ton of adorable ballet pics, my favorite being the Minnie Mouse ones for Ivy. I didn’t think it would be that interested when I read it on the schedule but it turns out to be one of my all time favorite costumes, its sooo sweet!! If I have time I will put together a video of the footage because pictures just don’t do it justice.

That said, here are pics! :)

First, of Violet as Olivia the Ballet Piggie.

Since Violet refused to keep the costume on for long, here are her remnants...

Violet refused to keep the costume on!

They get a different stamp at the end of each class

They get a different stamp at the end of each class

And now, Minnie Mouse! How adorable is that dress!!

Minnie Mouse curtsey!

The Latest Projects

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I have been working on a couple of sewing projects that I just wrapped up today. A purse for my friend Naomi’s birthday, and a dress for her daughter Amelia. I kind of owed her daughter another dress because I gave her the first princess dress I had ever made for her 3rd birthday, and let’s face it… it was crap. The thing is an embarrassment. Amelia loves it, but I look at it with a critical eye and there are a whole lot of defects.

So I made another (far more well-constructed) dress for her, this one can double as a princess dress because it has so much flounce in the skirt for fabulous twirling and curtsying capabilities, but it can be worn out in public as well.

In regards to the purse, it is an evening purse/clutch, but it came out bigger than expected so it could conceivably be used as a makeup bag instead. Naomi loved it though and said she would use it as a clutch, as she does not own one. It is nowhere near perfectly made and is a little lopsided (though probably I am the only one who can tell), but not bad for a total of about 4 hours making an item when I have never made one before and I didn’t use a pattern or measure anything. Its made out of brocade, lined with flannel back satin and has a bee as a decorative element.

And here is the dress:

Check out that twirl!!

Phillip is currently working on a dress for me, a church dress…. because I would need a dress made with a pattern, and since I hate patterns… it ain’t happening with these two hands! So he is making it for me. He is a great husband!

Another Princess Dress Under My Belt!

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Here are pics of the latest princess dress I made. Ivy is modeling as she does her favorite things… curtsy, spin, and pick flowers! Next time I get a chance I want to go to the garment district in LA and get some less expensive fabrics so I can try to sell these on Etsy or something. I did get paid for this one…. 80 buckaroos! I think I probably could charge more on a website, but this was for a friend and I feel weird even accepting money.

How much do YOU think I should charge for such a dress?

Detail of the bodice

Detail of the bodice