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Key West Pics

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Here are the pics from Key West. Click on the picture below to see the album.

It’s Official!

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I am now officially a published writer! The latest issue of the Desert Companion can be read here. My articles are on page 54 and 55.

In the meantime, we are back in town. Get a clue as to how our first day back has been going by reading this.

I am glad to be home though, that’s for sure!!

First Full Day in Key West

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Things are great here in Key West! I spent the morning walking around and doing a little shopping. Now I am back in the room for a little rest before I go out to the pool. I was thinking of snorkling or doing the glass bottom boat, but they are so expensive I am thinking I will just stick to eating and sleeping in the sun. Later today we are going to do a Sunset Cruise with the people that are putting on the conference, so I won’t really miss out too much. Phillip talked a lot about how this is not a vacation for him, he still has to work. But now that he is here he has relaxed a whole lot and is getting into the island spirit. :)

I slept in until 10 today (YAY!!!), at which time this enormous cruise liner blew its horn right in front of my hotel. Punks.

You would not believe how ENORMOUS this this is!! Its shocking. Its probably double the size of the queen mary.

You would not believe how ENORMOUS this this is!! Its shocking. Its probably double the size of the queen mary.

My hotel room opens out to this

My hotel room opens out to this

I thought it would be more like Hawaii here, upscale and very clean but it is actually a rather run down place. There are chickens and roosters all over the place, running wild. It’s weird! I will say one thing for this place: it’s got a lot of character!

Safe and Sound in MO!

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Well, we are here in Missouri aka Mo. The flight yesterday wasn’t too bad, although the 6:30AM departure time meant that we had to wake up at 3:30AM. Painful to say the least- especially since I didn’t get to bed until 1:30AM the night before. And Violet woke up at 2:30.

Anyway, I was a little worried about flying with a very squirmy 1 year old. But fortunately, right when she would get super squirmy she would actually get sleepy and nap. Which is probably why she was squirmy to begin with.

Sara picked us up at the airport and Ivy and Violet invaded Henry’s room the second we got here and proceeded to destroy the peace and order of Sara’s home.


Then Sara and I abandoned our children with our husbands and made a trip to the grocery store. We felt so light and unencumbered without the babies, it was weird. Here are Sara and I this morning:

Sara is totally spoiling us by baking for us. Today she made apple bread, which is delicious!

I took a little video, this was the scene at the Carter house yesterday afternoon:

Take her to the nearest emergency room

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Ivy is doing much better now, it was kind of scary for a while there because the night before last Ivy’s temp had reached 105, and I had to call the doctor. He said take her to the nearest emergency room. Freaked me out, man. My heart started pounding when he said that.

But in the time it had taken him to call me back I had already given her Motrin and a cool bath, so I dressed her for the hospital, but by then her temp had come down considerably. I stilled waffled about taking her because what if this was a symptom of something really serious? But her temp kept getting lower until it was 100 degrees. I made the decision not to take her after all, unless her temp climbed back up at all whatsoever. It never did get higher and actually it went down to 98.7 for most of the night but climbed back to 101 by morning.

I took her to the doctor yesterday just in case. They tested her for a couple things like strep throat, but they didn’t find the source of her illness. They said if she still had a fever to bring her back the next day and they would have to draw her blood. Fortunately, that didn’t turn out to be necessary – thank God! I worry so much sometimes and this was a scary one, considering the “emergency room” directive! You can never take health for granted because it can go at any moment and there is nothing you can do about it. So I am very grateful that she has her health back. Now we can get back to normal. I even went running today! I love normal.

Anyway, I thought I would post some recent pics as well as some from August (because I just found them and hadn’t posted them with the August update).

Here is Ivy randomly pretending to be a statue:

And here she is with the little chef set that Grandma sent up. Ivy loves it!

Add a little spice and BAM!

Here she is frying up a little love. On the cheap-o stovetop I made using an empty diaper box, butcher paper, and a sharpie. Good thing we have such good accessories because up until then she really wasn’t buying it.

Here they are last night, playing together nicely:

And then a moment later, Ivy tries to snuff out Violet:

Fortunately she did not succeed!

Now for the August pics! These are from when Sara, John and Henry came up to Vegas on their way back home.

Here are Violet and John:

And the little babies playing on the floor:

And here I am, with the cutest thing to come from Missouri, ever:

By the way, I need some feedback – is it easier to read my captions when they are above or when they are below the pictures in question? Since I am embedding pics in the blog as I write it feels natural to set up the pic with a description above, but as I proof read my entries it seems like it might be confusing to read as you are looking at the picture since we are used to reading captions below a pic. Please let me know by leaving a comment on this entry.