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Random Ivy-isms

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This Morning:

Ivy: My love fell asleep.

Me: When?

Ivy: Just while I was sleeping. Now it’s awake. Because I woked up. So it’s awake. My love is in my bones. It’s comfy there.

This Afternoon:

Ivy, watching video of the Pope arriving in Malta:

He’s on a plane! That’s weird. (pause) Hi, Pope! I really forgive you.


Ivy, sighing and being impatient while I curl her hair for ballet:

This is taking a long time.

Me: Stay still, it takes longer when you move so much.

Ivy (sighing):  I’m really struggling.

Snapes on a Plane

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Found this and thought it was funny :)

Steaming Hot Mug of Perspective

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Ivy was watching Sesame Street the other day. On the screen was a handsome Hollywood actor, Elmo, and a robot.

Me: Who is that new guy? (referring to the handsome actor)

Ivy: It’s a robot Mom. Duh!


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Ivy: Who wrote the Nutcracker?

Me: You tell me.

Ivy: No, you tell me!

Me: I will give you a hint. Tchai…

Ivy: Tchai-Nasty!