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Ultrasound results

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I went to get an ultrasound of Violet yesterday, and everything looks good! The perinatologist said that Violet is perfectly healthy and is good to go for a home birth! He also said that April is the only midwife in town he trusts to do a home birth, and told me how good she is. Its very validating to hear that.

Violet now weighs an estimated 5 lbs. 12oz. and will probably weigh about as much as Ivy did at term (7 lbs. 9oz). She is already in a head down position (yay!!!) and let’s hope she stays that way. We saw her making practice breathing movements, practice sucking motions with her mouth, and she has a ton of hair!

We are super excited to get to meet her soon – If all goes according to plan, it will only be about 4 more weeks until we can hold her in our arms. I kind of hope she will come early, though. That would be AWESOME.

Our visit to the Mirage Secret Garden

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Last weekend we took Ivy to the Mirage’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Ivy loved the dolphins, and now she is always pestering me to see the “fishies” (I took some videos). Anyway, it was pretty nice. There is a baby dolphin pool where the grandma dolphin, mom dolphin, and 2 baby dolphins hang out. Its very peaceful, though by the way they look at the visitors as they swim by makes me think they are bored. Its also a little creepy how they make eye contact. You can see how smart they are.

I thought a lot about Marcela that day because this was where we were going to send her to swim with the dolphins and be a dolphin trainer for a day. Sadly, she was already too sick to travel and so she never fulfilled her lifelong dream of working with dolphins.

After the dolphin habitat we walked around and saw lions, white and golden tigers, panthers and leopards. These cats are so HUGE, its scary. You really can’t get the full effect of how gigantic they are from watching Discovery channel. Especially the lions, with their full manes. We were warned to keep alert because they spray to mark territory and it can reach up to 20 feet away- ew!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and Ivy loved it!