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Hello 2009!

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We spent New Years Eve in bed ASLEEP! For some people that is very boring but for us it was heaven! I guess its just this stage in my life where I could not care less about going out or celebrating anything in a big way. I have a new perspective on what is worth celebrating. I celebrate a good nights sleep. I celebrate when Ivy doesn’t completely douse herself in spaghetti sauce. I celebrate when it takes me under two hours to get the girls ready and loaded up in the car. Funny how things change.

Anyway, Christmas was nice. Ivy left cookies for Santa and even wrote him a note. She is old enough to get the concept of presents so we thought she would be really excited when she woke up on Christmas Day and saw all the presents under the tree. In typical 2 year old fashion she just pointed at them and said “presents!”, then calmly proceeded to claim the presents and tear through them. She barely paused to look at what was in them before she was on to the next: “Mas!” she demanded. Of course she just wanted to open things and didn’t seem very concerned about the content.

Anyway, as I said it was a very nice holiday. I cannot wait for next year when Ivy can talk more and Violet will be old enough to also care about bows and wrapping paper!