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Saturdays are Family Days for the Leals

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Today was such a nice Saturday! Our Saturdays are usually “family day”..well, ok, so are Sundays. The point is we cherish our weekends because we love spending time together as a family. First thing in the morning we Skyped with Sara. Afterwards we all got ready and went for bagels and to run errands. Phillip had turned on the hose to fill the pool before we left but the timer didn’t go off so we left for breakfast and it was still on! We rushed home when he remembered, and he turned it off so we could continue running errands. Let’s just say there was a bit of a flood in the backyard!

The afternoon was pretty quiet, the girls napped while Phillip worked on remodeling the bathroom, and I picked up the house. I cannot believe how much picking up happens and yet there is always more to do!

This evening we went out to dinner and after we came home the girls had play time with their Dad. There are some pretty funny pictures you have to check out! Here is a sample:

All in all, a beautiful Saturday together. We are truly blessed to have such peace and joy in our lives!

Mother’s Day Weekend

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Hello all, can you believe its been less than a week and I already have these pics up??? Yeah, amazing… Even more amazing, however, is the fact that not a single Mother’s Day picture contains the actual Mother in question. :) However, the subjects of these photos are far cuter, so YOU’RE WELCOME!!

The weekend was great, Nati and my Dad came up for a visit. When Ivy woke up Saturday morning my Dad and Nat were in the living room (they arrived late the night before), and I brought Ivy out with my hands over her eyes and said “surprise!” She had the funniest reaction…. she said absolutely nothing, and didn’t “react” but turned and walked into the living room, threw herself on the floor and started rolling around and softly singing to herself! LOL! I have no idea what that means, but I know she was very surprised. A couple days later Phillip came home from work unexpectedly and she hadn’t heard him come home. When she turned and saw him she was obviously surprised and had the same reaction – rolled around on the floor and sang softly to herself! :D

Anyway, we spent Sunday afternoon in the pool, for the first swim of the year! The water was crystal clear and sooo refreshing! My mom and grandma were in Argentina, where my grandma was given a big surprise 100th birthday party the same Sunday. So, they were really partying it up!  Anyway, hope you like the pictures.

Click on the picture of my handsome husband with our pale child to go to the Mother’s Day album.