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The L.A. Update

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So here is the real update, a bit late, but better late than…well, you know.

The trip to LA was great, albeit way too hot for my taste. Yeah, funny, considering I live in a place that gets up to 110 all summer long. But at least here its 1) a dry heat and 2) everywhere I go has air conditioning anyway, unlike LA! So I definitely suffer through the heat more in LA than here.

One of the big things we did was the Disneyland trip. It was a hit with Ivy! She absolutely loved it. The day started out a bit roughly….

But she soon straightened out when she realized we were going to Disneyland! We waited an hour and a half to meet the Disney princesses but I think it was worth it. She also met Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse. We spent a lot of time meeting characters and only a little time on rides like Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and the teacups, which were her favorite ride. Check out the photo album:

Other eventful things that happened this trip- Violet’s first trip to the beach! I didn’t make an album for this one because it wasn’t a long trip, and I didn’t take many pics. Phillip took Ivy to wade in the water while I watched from the sidelines with Violet. It was cold that day! Ivy got knocked over by a wave, which she loved, and I wanted to change her into dry clothes while she wanted to go back in the water despite her chattering teeth. Violet watched all this activity calmly from her perch in my sling.

We took a trip to the LA Zoo with La Familia Vargas, which was fun except for the heat and the bees. It was probably a trip that would have been more enjoyable on a cool autumn day. Still, it was nice to see the animals. I myself haven’t been to the zoo since grade school, so it was pretty fun for me. Click on the picture for the album:

During our week there we got to hang out a bit with all the little cousins. I loved the chaos and the noisiness of it. It will only get more chaotic and more fun as the kids grow older. Click here for a sampling of those pics:

But by far the funnest thing we did was surprise the living daylights out of Francis for her birthday! hehehe….. Pinata, old school party hats, games, and a yummy Hello Kitty cake from De Croupet’s. It was by far the funnest birthday party I have been to in a long time, including my grandma’s 100th (sorry, Abuelita..Francis’ party had games!)

Check out the birthday pics:

All in all, a great vacation. Next big trip to LA will probably be for Christmas and Ivy’s 3rd birthday, so we are looking forward to that!

Back in Vegas

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Well we are back in Vegas after our LA trip! I have lots of pictures to post, but need to download them onto our mac from the laptop so I have them all in one place. Then I can do a major upload, which will take a while. So in the meantime, I am just posting a mini-update.

Let me begin by saying that the girls and I have been sick, which is a bummer any day of the week, but especially disheartening because now I am home alone again during the day without family support. As I posted on Facebook, the only thing worse than being sick is being sick while having to take care of sick children. At a time when the needs of the babies are intensified because they are unwell, all I wanted to do was lay flat on my back and stare at the ceiling. I am sure you know that didn’t happen. I had to push through it and just keep doing what I have to do, all day and all night. The baby wants to nap on you, so you let her nap on you. The toddler wants you to spoon feed her because she has suddenly regressed to infancy, so you spoon feed her. The kids both whine for your attention, so you continue to divide yourself as much as you can. Dinner still needs to be made, laundry still has to be done. All these things require energy on any given day, but these last couple days have been enough to make me wish someone would just punch my lights out. If only.

Anyway, enough complaining. There is something that happened these last couple days since we have been back which has been a very positive and funny thing.  I was instructing Ivy on how to clear her throat, and to my amazement, Violet cleared her throat too! “eh-eh-hem!” she said. I laughed and tried it again because I could not believe it. I cleared my throat while looking her in the eye, and sure enough! She also cleared her throat in response! So I kept doing it, and she kept doing it too. WOW. I could scarcely believe it but there you go! We kept doing it all day, and when Phillip got home I tried to make her do it and- of course, she wouldn’t do it!! Made me feel like she was the warner bros. frog (was it warner bros.? the frog that would croak in front of others but in front of his owner would dance with a top hat and cane, “hello my baby, hello my darlin’, hello my rag time gal!” LOL)  I finally got her to do it, so I didn’t look like a total loon. She had pulled the same frog move when she learned how to stick out her tongue when I say “lengua”. Babies are so smart. With Ivy I used to think these types of incidences were flukes, but I have come to learn they know so much more than we give them credit for. They are always watching, observing silently, learning, and one day they suddenly suprise you.

Another thing that has been interesting is how much Ivy cares about Violet. When I would try to suction Violet’s stuffy nose, she would struggle and cry. Ivy’s response was to get upset and say “Mom, no!” When I didn’t immediately stop, Ivy let loose a blood-curdling scream that ended in a complete breakdown of tears. I stopped and explained to Ivy what I was doing, and told her to show Violet how its done. Ivy let me suction her nose to show Violet, and then beaming, Ivy said, “see Violet? Its no big deal!” LOL… so cute! I love it when she says things that she makes up on her own like that (rather than repeating something I have said to her). She is so much her own little person, even at this tender age.

When I explained to her I was sick too Ivy said “Wait, wait, your medicine is coming, make you feel all better, ok?” And she went and brought my purse, rummaged through it and pulled out my inhaler. She is so smart.

Well, that is the update for now. Ivy is much better, and Violet and I are on the road to recovery. By Monday my guess is that we will all be 100%. Then I can work on the L.A. update (with pictures galore!)