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Truly, Truly Scrumptious

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I noticed that I have all these updates about Ivy, and few recent pictures or video of Violet. She has been learning to stand without holding on to anything, but only for a few seconds at a time. She still doesn’t have too much confidence in that respect, so she soon crouches back down and will resume crawling if there is nothing to hold on to. She has also started using the pushcart to walk around, and is doing pretty well with it. Oh, and she can blow raspberries!!

Her favorite toys lately are: anything in the shape of a pen or pencil, anything that rolls like a soda can, anything that makes crinkle sounds, and small objects that fit easily in her tiny hands, such as a baby sock or the floss container (what do you call that thing, anyway? The floss square thingy?) Oh yeah, and she loves pulling folded laundry out of the laundry basket and waving it around in the air. Especially if its my chonies.

Anyway, I am having way too much fun with iMovie, so here you have it… Violet is truly scrumptious!

Yee haw, Cowtoddler!

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We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon, the 5th birthday of our friend Enrica’s daughter. Kiara was such a lucky little girl, because they held her party at a pony ranch! It was really cute, and both Ivy and Violet really enjoyed themselves.

First, a little theme music to get you in the spirit: William Tell Overture

Here is Ivy brushing the pony. She is a little apprehensive.

Now its her turn to saddle up.

The old man reminds me of my grandpa, awww! Except with better English skills and less racism. I miss him!!! :(

Taking a turn around the corral.

This would have been the perfect picture if only I hadn't chopped off the pony's head.

This is the courtyard area of the ranch, where they grill up the food, and where you eat, socialize, open presents if you are the birthday girl, and eat cake.Its flanked on the left by the pony and pig corrals and at the back by goat, turkey, turtle, rabbit, chicken, and aviary enclosures.

Feeding slops to the pigs

Feeding slops to the pigs. Ivy refused to pet him. She also refused to go in the goat enclosure because she "didn't want to get dirty". Whew! I almost had to go in that thing!

The birthday girl, Kiara!

The birthday girl, Kiara!

Treasure Hay Hunt!

Treasure Hay Hunt!

Now, for a video of Ivy at the turtle enclosure. Her red cheeks courtesy of the 100+ degree heat!

Mary Poppins

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Today’s ballet class featured Mary Poppins, one of my favorite movies. Fairytales & Tutus did not disappoint!

Here is the diva, as we leave for class. I thought this kind of pic with the sunglasses was really cute until I watched “Toddlers & Tiaras” last night. Now I wonder if I am turning into “one of those moms”. I hope not. And I hope that I would know when to draw the line. No dancing around in a bikini on stage for Ivy, thanks.

Here is Ivy, trying to make her way across the dance floor:

And, here are pics of her as Mary Poppins:

But let’s not lie- you know what you really want to see is the video of this. Well, here it is!

And, to finish up this post, here are the “portrait” style pictures I always take of her at the end of class (which is why we are ALWAYS the last to leave).

“Now where is that chalk drawing…I gots ta get away from this crazy lady with the camera”:

Well she didn’t get away, and I made her pose!

And now for some warm and fuzzy effects:

The Crescat

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So there is this really funny Catholic blog called The Crescat, which you should really check out. There is so much to see and laugh about on this blog that I had to pick a few highlights for your benefit. But definitely check it out when you have time to peruse.

They have a contest for Ugliest Church Art and Ugliest Vestment. According to the header on the Ugliest Church Art contest, “Your submissions make baby Jesus cry”, LOL.

Here are my favorites in the Ugly Art category, along with the pertaining captions from the site:

… and on the third day He arose and was like “Whaaaat?” and the people were like “Whaaaaat?”

Captain Nemo’s tabernacle… arrrrgh, matey.

Sith Madonna

And don’t forget to enjoy the Potpourri of Popery section on the right hand side of the Ugliest Church Art as you scroll down, starting at Number 43.

Funny quote from the site: “Hearing a nun’s confession is like being stoned to death with popcorn.” –Abp. Fulton Sheen

And I will leave you with one final picture, of a biretta, whose caption seriously cracked me up.

Holy Ghost, Batman!

Mermaid Ivy

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Phillip had the brilliant idea of using blankets to make a mermaid tail for Ivy. As you my know, she is obsessed with the Little Mermaid, so she is really digging this little game. I used one of my headbands for her top. Which is better than what she wanted. Which was nothing.

If you notice her hands you can practically tell which part of the Little Mermaid she is singing.

“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?”

“Wish I could be part of that world…”

“What’s a fire and why does it – what’s the word? Buuurn!”

She looks so pretty with a flower in her hair, doesn’t she:

And of course, Phillip has to carry her around because she has no feet:

Did I ever mention how fun it is having a daughter?? Just wait til Violet is old enough, its going to get UBER girly in this house LOL!