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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!!
We had a great one! Matt and Francis are here, of course, as are the Pennys from England. We also invited over the Sowders to have mummy dogs and go Trick or Treating.  I made some Mexican hot chocolate, the Sowders brought mini pumpkin petite-fours, and the Pennys ran to the store to get veggies and a couple other items we needed. After we ate we went out for the Trick or Treating. There were a lot of people out and about which was nice.
Francis and I collaborated to make a Firefly costume for Emily, but I think she was a little scared of the wings so I wore it instead. You can’t really tell, but that little yellow balloon was my glowing firefly butt, and it actually had light emitting from it!
Also, over the left you can just see Lucy Sowders as Yoda. Very cute! I didn’t get any pictures of her because we were using Francis’ camera. I somehow lost my camera in the house somewhere, yesterday evening. Its very frustrating because I JUST HAD IT, and now it is nowhere to be seen!
Here are the Pennys. Emily was a little unsure of it all:
Here is our Itsy Bitsy Spider:
Francis bedazzled Ivy’s dragonfly wings, and they really came out great:
Here we are  pausing in front of someone’s house:
A cat:
A dog:
And since it is Halloween, insert joke about fighting like cats and dogs here. Waca waca! Dudes, you totally set yourself up for that one!
Here is Violet’s first Trick or Treat ever!
Mummy Dog!

Quick Update

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As Sara said to me on the phone today, “You haven’t posted in like three days!” Actually, its almost been a week. So here is a quick update, because we have been up to our ears in house guests this past week. My family came into town for a visit over the weekend, and the day after they left our British friends the Penny’s came into town. The day after that, Matt and Francis arrived. So I have barely been on the computer long enough to check email much less blog. Since I am sooo sleeeepy, this is going to be quick.

So, although this has nothing to do with guests, I wanted to say that I made my first pumpkin loaf! I was very proud of myself. It wasn’t as sweet as I like though, so I am going to try it again and tweak the recipe a bit. Its no Starbucks pumpkin loaf, that’s for sure! Still, not bad for a first try! Here is my lovely loaf:

My birthday was on the 27th, so I was given a delicious red velvet cupcake and Ivy gave me a present that she picked out all by her little self. What do you think, is it a good color for me? What can I say, she knew I liked the color blue.

So the visit from Dave, Gaynor and Emily Penny has been great so far. Tomorrow we go to Lake Mead for the day. Though I have lived here for about 5 years I have never actually been! Here is Dave with Violet, who was cuddling up sleepily.

Since its Thursday, we had ballet. It was Angelina Ballerina Halloween, which means they did ballet while incorporating Trick or Treating, and they even got some candy. I got some video, but I don’t have the energy or the time to get it all put together. You will have to be satisfied with this picture until next week! This is Ivy’s “Please have some candy?” face.

Since it was ballet class I dressed Violet appropriately with this tutu onesie someone gave her. Cuteness Factor: 9

And here is little Emily, dressing up as a little ballerina too!

Later today we all went for a walk over to the community park where they have a little jungle gym so the kids could burn off more steam. We encountered someone walking their dogs, 3 huge Golden Labs. Emily was in love! When one of them laid down she laid down right next to him! (I am having a brain short circuit, and it looks weird to spell it “laid”…but spell check says its not “layed”. My brain is fried, so I have no idea at the moment.) Anyway, all the girls loved these dogs, but Emily takes the cake for sheer adorableness of interaction. I think she was thinking about riding him like a horse.

Well that is all for now… I will try to keep up with all the activity going on, but no promises!! :)

The Little Mermaid

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This is Ivy’s favorite story, and this song is the one she sings the most. She even makes me sing Part of Your World to her at night, as a lullabye!

Creepy Crawlies

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Well, I have been meaning to post this update but its really more of a pastdate, because it happened a month or two ago. But it turned out to be good that it took so long to put up because now this is an appropriate post for Halloween! To get the appropriate feeling of it my topic, I shall quote:

“While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.”

Only instead of a raven it was an insect. A giant insect. An enormous dragonfly to be exact. I don’t think you can quite get the scale of it from the picture, but he was at least 3- 4 inches in length. The sound of him flying up against the sliding door was quite alarming. At first I thought someone was trying to break in or something!

It was so weird because it was like 11 o’clock at night and I have never seen a dragonfly of this size during the day. I only got one good picture because he kept flying around and he was freaking me out.

Then about a week later, again came the tapping, rapping at the door! “I know that sound,” I thought to myself. “It must be another dragonfly.” But it wasn’t.

To continue my apparent journey into Land of the Lost, this monster showed up at the door:

Its a giant grasshopper!

Its a giant grasshopper!

Want to get an idea of his size? Look at him compared to Violet’s hand:

Or compare him to the size of Violet’s head for that matter:

Violet thought he was pretty cool though. I got a lot of good pictures mostly because he was on that side of the door and I was on this side of the door. Plus he just walked along the glass instead of buzzing wildly about like Mr. Dragonfly.

Anyway, it was odd that this guy also came late at night. It was still pretty warm out, and it had rained recently. Maybe that had something to do with it. Still, I have never seen bugs that big out here. So I just thought I would share the creepiness. You’re welcome.

I won…

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… the caption contest on The Crescat! I just came back to the blog after a few days, definitely not expecting to have won :) Yay!

caption contest…

Winner: “Hm… I see a lot of guitars, but still haven’t spotted any reverence.”
Submitted by : Phillip, Andrea, Ivy.