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I want to brag about my breakfast… buttermilk toast with pumpkin cream cheese and pecans sprinkled on top…and a gingerbread latte!  GINGERBREAD latte, made right here in my kitchen (thanks once again for the espresso machine Naomi!!!!) Aaahhhhmmm!!!

Anyway, I am going to post a cute video of Ivy playing with her BFF Amelia, as soon as I get the laptop back from Phillip (he took it with him to work).

In the meantime, let me close by saying I love that I can have a breakfast like the one above while being on Weight Watchers. I lost 2 lbs this week alone!!!

When I Wrote This I Laughed Until I Cried

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Me: I need to go to Joanne’s, I need to buy more interfacing.

*** 5 minutes later ***

Phillip: How short are you?

Me: Hm, about 5’…5 and 1/2, technically. Why?

Phillip: (long pause)….Let me be a little more specific. How short are you on the interfacing you need?

LOL…. And that is in the vein of some other memorable misunderstandings:

Driving down to LA for my Grandpa’s funeral in a really big rental car. I was annoyed about how big it was and complained the whole way down.

Phillip: So, is it a big boat?

Me: (snapping, in an irritated voice): Frickin’ enormous!!

Phillip: I mean the boat that the funeral is on.

And, once at a restaurant:

Waitress: Do you want the Super Salad with that?

Me: Yes.

Waitress: The Super Salad?

Me: Yes.

Waitress: (uncertain) So…the salad?

Me: (annoyed) A salad, yes.

*** We get our food, and my salad is just a tiny little side salad, definitely not Super ***

Me: (super irritated) Ugh! This is NOT a Super Salad!!! There is nothing super about this!

Phillip: Um…babe? She said soup OR Salad… not Super Salad.

I submit these examples to you in case you needed more proof that I am always in my own little world and on a different wavelength than everyone else!

I need 100 cc’s of sleep, stat!

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I know I have not posted in a while, but things have not been all eggnog and candy canes in the Leal household. First Ivy came down with the stomach flu, and now Violet has been running a fever. This translates to me sleeping on the inflatable next to Ivy for several nights, and now to Violet sleeping on my chest while I sit on the armchair all night long because the moment I move she starts crying inconsolably. Also, the laundry basket threw up in my house and there has been laundry, both clean and dirty, absolutely everywhere. But there is nothing I could do about it because of reasons A and B, as stated above.

So now you are updated… hopefully Violet’s fever breaks by tomorrow and we can all go back to life as usual. I have all these presents I am making for people but I haven’t gotten very far, so I really need to get moving on it.

But, on the brighter side, we did make it out to church on Sunday and I snapped some pics of Violet wearing the cape and hat that Grandma Street crocheted for Sara. If (when!) Sara has a daughter, I will pass these on. There is a hooded cape, a poncho, a hat, and a little cardigan style sweater all made from the same pink yarn. We got all sorts of comments from people on how cute she was and how beautiful the hat and cape were. Phillip said she looked like a little count. I rarely put it on Ivy because I was afraid of ruining it… now I am still using it sparsely for the same reason, but they are so cute I am thinking of commissioning Bendy (Sara’s mother in law) to make some of the same style so I don’t have to worry about ruining a family heirloom.

Count Violet

Count Violet

Check out the adorable little hood on the cape

Pictures for Sara

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Ok Sara see if you can copy these to your desktop! Let me know it works and I will post the rest.

Happy Birthday, Henry!

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Happy Birthday to our little Godson!!! One whole year already! Unbelievable. It sure has gone quick, I have to say.

Sorry we missed the “day of” by so few days, but at least we had our little celebration.  Here is a pseudo-birthday video of Ivy singing to Henry: