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I Need These For Ivy

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O. M. G.

I NEED THESE DRESSES!!! As soon as I have $400 to spare, I am going to get them (i.e., never)! They are so impossibly adorable. I love the style, and I would dress the girls like this all the time if I could. As it stands I am confined to pretending the girls are my little dolls only on Sundays for church, when dressing them up is more appropriate. Feel free to buy them and ship to us, size 4T for Ivy (Violet already has a ton of dresses) MUAHAHAHAHA!

Pink Checked Romper

Pink Pinafore

Yellow Smocked Dress

Smocked Dress with Blue Slip

Teal Voile Dress with matching Bolero

These all come from the website Grammie’s Attic, which has an array of delicate, vintage and classic style clothing for boys and girls. Too gorgeous!!

More on Violet

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I also forgot to mention… when Ivy uses the potty Violet will grab some toilet paper and try to wipe Ivy’s butt. Its pretty funny. Also, today she said “hambre” (spanish for “hungry”), and the other day when Phillip said “dun dun duuuuuun!” (you know, like as in when you sing that suspense song) Violet totally mimicked him.

She knocks on the door whenever someone is in the bathroom and she wants to come in. And last, but not least, she throws away her own diaper in the trash, clapping for herself when she does.

She also continues to climb anything and everything that she can!

Here is Violet with her betrothed, Gino, and her future mother in law, Naomi. We had a play date yesterday along with a couple of other moms.

Here is Violet with her betrothed, Gino, and her future mother in law, Naomi. We had a play date yesterday along with a couple of other moms.

Violet Update

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Violet has been getting more and more vocal lately. Even though I cannot understand what she is saying for the most part, its great that she can string these sounds together. She even uses inflections, such as “manymolamnalaaa?” in the tone of “Do you want a peice of my graham cracker?” 

Other times, I can understand her. She says “whoa!” and “wow” appropriately. When I do something she likes she will open her mouth in surprise and shake her head while gasping, like she is so proud of me for putting a silly hat on (par example).

The other thing that is new is she suddenly has got “the beat”. She will suddenly start dancing and the slightest hint of music. Today Phillip started belting out a song in our bedroom, and Violet was with Ivy and I in the living room, Violet just started breaking into this dance… a sort of a be-bopping muppet dance. And by muppets I really mean muppets…not Ivy’s definition of muppets. Because that would just be weird. While be-bopping she will also click her tongue to the rhythm. When you consider her funny little bow legs, it all makes for a very funny show.

The other update is that the girls are now sharing a room, which is going pretty well so far. Well, Masterpiece Theatre is on now…. Return to Cranford… so I will bid you adieu!

Ooooh, ouch.

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Ivy: Look, mom your belly is really popping out!!

Me (sucking it in): How’s that, better?

Ivy: No, its still just popping out.

Me (thinking, “That’s sad, I am sucking it in as hard as I can!”): Oh well…

Ivy: Mom, I love your belly, its soooo cute! (pats my stomach, gives me a hug and rests her head on my belly)

Me: Ummm… thanks.

Ivy (lifts up my shirt): Hello, belly!

Ivy then grabs my fat roll and makes my belly button speak like a puppet. “Hello, Ivy!” (in a deeper voice)

She gasps in surprise, “Oh! Mommy your belly said hi to me!”

Me (sighing): Yeaaaah…huh. How ’bout that.

Ivy: Awwww, your belly loves me!

Aaaaaaannnnd, SCENE!

Garlic Naan with Pumpkin Cream Cheese – Yuuuummmm!

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So I have been struggling quite a lot lately to get up in the mornings. Its like I have these weights attached to my eyelids and my limbs. Its been hard. This morning Ivy came and tried to wake me up because she was hungry. I told her I would be right there, to go to the living room and I would be there in a moment. She was kinda  mad that I would not get up, but she went. I fell back asleep for half an hour.

When I finally came to, everything was quiet. I jumped out of bed to find Ivy. I had been dreaming that she had been kidnapped out of my car. I found her in the kitchen quietly eating the leftover garlic naan from last night’s curry. With pumpkin cream cheese. She looked really happy.

There was only about a quarter tub of cream cheese, but she ate that whole thing! “You want some, mom?” she said sweetly, smiling. “I made it for you!” I just stared at her, looked at the empty cream cheese tub, and said no thank you. “Look,” she coaxed. “Its goooood!” She was opening her eyes wide, raising her eyebrows and speaking slowly like she was talking to a toddler. I guess that is how I talk to her, and man am I condescending! I shouldn’t talk to her like she is stupid just because she is a kid. She nibbled a little bit of the naan to show me what to do. “Mmmmm, that’s goooood!” She held it out to me and nodded her head reassuringly. I laughed and gave her a big kiss. “Thanks, Ivy.”

Then when I went to get a spoon to stir my latte I found a dirty spoon in the drawer. Well, don’t get me wrong. It had been licked almost clean. I think she ate the cream cheese mostly by the spoonful and only spread it on the bread at the end. Then I felt really bad for not getting up when she asked.

This reminds me of the story my mom tells us about when Marcela and I were kids, and we tried to wake her up because we were hungry. She snapped, “Please just let me sleep!!” Nati was still a baby around that time so she was exhausted. We went away and when she woke up all was quiet. She asked us if we wanted to eat and we said, “No, we already ate.” She questioned us further only to discover we had helped ourselves to some eggs for breakfast. Raw eggs. LOL

This reminded me of that. Anyway, Ivy seriously cracks me up. I feel bad, but not that bad. I am proud that she is so self sufficient that she can find breakfast for herself. That said, I am going to start being better about getting to bed early so this doesn’t happen again. Who knows what she will pull out of the fridge next time!