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12 Dancing Princesses

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The Newest Member of the Family

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Here are some pictures of Princess, our new Shih Tzu. I didn’t name her, so don’t blame me!

She is the sweetest little dog, patient and obedient. Here are some more pictures.

Here she is doing her "dancing" trick

We took her for a walk today, and Ivy held the leash. She was soooo happy and animated. I wanted to get a pet for the girls because I thought it would be enriching for them. I wanted a bird, but Phillip said if we are going for a pet then let’s just go for a dog. I needed a hypoallergenic dog and figured I would put out the feelers and see if I could find one that would be suitable. I thought it would take a while because I was not about to shell out beaucoup bucks for a pure bred (which is what hypoallergenic dogs usually are). But our friend Sheryl answered my facebook post almost immediately!

She has 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids, and babysits 2 more PLUS she is pregnant! Its a full house and she needed to unload some of the responsibilities. And less than 24 hours later, we have a dog! It was a win-win situation that worked out perfectly for all involved.

Ivy Backs Me Up!

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Ivy: Let’s pretend that I am mommy. (Then pointing to me): You’re daddy. (Then pointing to Phillip): You’re Ivy. Ok “daddy”, you go to work now!

Me: Ok, bye Ivy I will see you when I get home!

Phillip (clinging to Ivy): Why because? Why because? I don’t wanna go to sleep, mama! I’m hungry! Read me a story! Why because, why because?

Ivy, giggling, says nothing more. Prompting her, Phillip says: Come on, mommy, say something.

Ivy: What!

Phillip: I don’t know, you tell me!  What does mommy do all day? (glances at me smugly with a look that says, “Ivy is going to rat you out now and say that you are on the computer all day”)

Ivy: She cleans.

YESSSSSSS! Thank you Ivy for backing me up!!! LOL…

Steaming Hot Mug of Perspective

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Ivy was watching Sesame Street the other day. On the screen was a handsome Hollywood actor, Elmo, and a robot.

Me: Who is that new guy? (referring to the handsome actor)

Ivy: It’s a robot Mom. Duh!

Holy Mother of God!

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Ivy draped herself in my robe and started trying to crush a toy with her foot. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered to be a toy snake. When we asked her what she was doing she said she was pretending to be Mary. Its scary how much they pay attention to what you say and what they see!!!


Genesis 3:15 - "I will put enmities between thee ("the serpent") and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel."

The pretending continued on after she abandoned the snake when she stuffed a doll underneath her shirt. Again, when we questioned her we were surprised by her answer. She said she was still Mary, and that Jesus was in her belly.


Immaculate Conception!

So there you go. Our daughter is aspiring to be Mary. I am totally okay with that!

While we are on religious topics, I thought some of you might enjoy this little gem: