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First Full Day in Key West

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Things are great here in Key West! I spent the morning walking around and doing a little shopping. Now I am back in the room for a little rest before I go out to the pool. I was thinking of snorkling or doing the glass bottom boat, but they are so expensive I am thinking I will just stick to eating and sleeping in the sun. Later today we are going to do a Sunset Cruise with the people that are putting on the conference, so I won’t really miss out too much. Phillip talked a lot about how this is not a vacation for him, he still has to work. But now that he is here he has relaxed a whole lot and is getting into the island spirit. :)

I slept in until 10 today (YAY!!!), at which time this enormous cruise liner blew its horn right in front of my hotel. Punks.

You would not believe how ENORMOUS this this is!! Its shocking. Its probably double the size of the queen mary.

You would not believe how ENORMOUS this this is!! Its shocking. Its probably double the size of the queen mary.

My hotel room opens out to this

My hotel room opens out to this

I thought it would be more like Hawaii here, upscale and very clean but it is actually a rather run down place. There are chickens and roosters all over the place, running wild. It’s weird! I will say one thing for this place: it’s got a lot of character!


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Random Ivy-isms

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This Morning:

Ivy: My love fell asleep.

Me: When?

Ivy: Just while I was sleeping. Now it’s awake. Because I woked up. So it’s awake. My love is in my bones. It’s comfy there.

This Afternoon:

Ivy, watching video of the Pope arriving in Malta:

He’s on a plane! That’s weird. (pause) Hi, Pope! I really forgive you.


Ivy, sighing and being impatient while I curl her hair for ballet:

This is taking a long time.

Me: Stay still, it takes longer when you move so much.

Ivy (sighing):  I’m really struggling.

That’s Opera!

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Ivy’s personality really shines through in this video of her singing opera. I love that little thing she does with her mouth where she purses her lips to the side!

Play Time

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I have been meaning to post this for a while, but I am just now getting around to it. This is play time at Ivy’s friend Amelia’s house. I love it that Violet is getting old enough to join in the action!