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New pics of the girls

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I finally got around to posting some recent pics of the girls. I felt like facebook or my other blog is just not the place for these and then I remembered – oh yeah! I have a personal family blog that i like to neglect!

Anyway, we went to the birthday party of one of Ivy’s friends who was turning 4. Then after that we went to another birthday party of a little girl who was turning 3. They were one after the other and could not have been more different if they had tried. The first one was a Mermaid-theme party, planned out to the very last detail, with little treasure boxes that had each girls’ name painted on (painted names were courtesy of yours truly), with THE most incredible cake made by Jean-Phillipe, the Bellagio’s pastry chef and owner of 2 patisseries bearing his name:

If you think it looks good, you should have tasted it!! Each layer was a different flavor. Fresh raspberries and cream with white cake, and a chocolate layer cake with a mousse and some kind of delicate crunchy cookie-like thing inside - yums!!!

As it so happened, Jean-Phillipe’s wife Claire was also in attendance at this party, she was such a nice person and spoke some French with me (I was very rusty, so not too much French!)

I made this sign for the party, and I have to say it turned out better than I had hoped. Granted, there were some imperfections I wanted to obsess over but Phillip put a halt to it. Yes, I am a perfectionist, but I let it slide… this time.

Ariel was the guest of honor, all the little girls were very excited about it. Here are some pics of Ivy and Violet with Ariel, who painted little princesses on their hands.

The party was one for the books, and my friend’s husband who is the Executive Chef at several Bellagio and Aria restaurants broke open a bottle of wine from Alsace for the adults. There was a mermaid treasure hunt in a sandbox, which yielded things like jewelry and bubble gum (which the little girls tucked away safely into their personalized treasure boxes), and each girl got a necklace with a Hello Kitty Mermaid pendant, hand made by the birthday girl’s mom. The details of the party were just unbelievable, but ultimately the thing that counted the most was the love of this little girl’s family and friends who had come together to celebrate her.

The second birthday party we went to was directly afterwards, and was held at a local park. There was cake and ice cream, and that was pretty much it. It was a low-key affair, and as we got there the little girl was opening presents as she sat in her dad’s lap, with her mom sitting next to them helping hand out presents. Friends and family surrounded them, looking on with delight as she opened gifts. Which just goes to show, that no matter what your style, no matter what you do or do not put into throwing a party, the most important element is LOVE! As long as you have that, your party will be a rip-roaring, smashing success for the person who matters the most – the birthday child!

Here are some pics of the girls at the park, wearing adorable matching outfits courtesy of Grandma.

And now, let’s get random! I took these pics of Violet a few weeks back. She loves to play with sheets, true to her inclination as an infant to play with anything made of fabric! She still has that particular interest, and will drag around a sheet, drape it around herself, drape it on top of things, etc etc. This time around she wrapped herself up like a baby and pretended to be asleep. Which is why in the bottom pic she has one eye closed – that is how she pretends to sleep, with the other eye open so she can watch you watching her! LOL!

Anyhow, that is all for now!!