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Ivy’s First Confession

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Ivy had her First Confession last week on Tuesday morning. We went to a priest who is a family friend of ours because Ivy was pretty nervous about it. I asked her if she would feel comfortable with Father Samuel and she very emphatically said, “YES!” He comes from a family of 8, and has tons of nieces and nephews, whom he has babysat on numerous occasions, including one of his 2 week old baby nephews. So he has a certain ease with kids and is able to talk to them on their level, which means that anytime he comes over for dinner he ends up holding the girls’ baby dolls at their request, or sipping tea out of a miniature tea cup. I have pictures of this but for the sake of his dignity I won’t post them. :)


Can you see them there in the glass door chapel? Here is a slightly closer shot.


It went well, she did her penance there in the church right away and seemed to feel better once she had finished. She still insists that she only wants to go to confession to Fr. Samuel, but I’m trying to explain to her that when you are sick you go to the nearest doctor to be treated. He got moved to a different parish, so we had to drive 30 minutes to get there. Next time, we are going to the closest parish for sure.

I’m looking forward to her making her First Holy Communion and being able to fully receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Plans are in full swing and we are trying to find a pretty dress for her to wear and a place to hold a reception. I only have a month left (maybe less if I have the baby early!), so I think I had better press forward with the planning as quickly as possible!

Kids are Creepy

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Natalia sent me a link about kids being creepy. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, but speaking of kids being creepy, I found this interesting little scenario recently.


I asked Violet what this was all about and why she did that (of course, it had to be Violet right??). She happily explained, with a cheery smile on her face and a bubbly tone of voice, “This is what happens when I get angry!” Grin!

Ummmm…..I have a few follow up questions.

1) Where did you learn this??

2) Should I be worried about you pent up aggression?

3) Do you understand that nooses are DEADLY???

She’s one of a kind, that one. Wondering if I ought to put her in therapy now so as to avoid her cheerfully massacring us all in our sleep.

Gratuitous Belly Shot

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4 weeks and counting!!!!


Raise a Glass!

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Phillip has recently taken up the hobby of beer making. He was worried that the yeast had died and it was a fail, but upon opening his first bottle of home brew, the truth was revealed. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Apprehensively popping it open




It lives!!! The yeast lives!!!


Good amount of foam…


Smells right…


The first taste!

So the yeast didn’t die and it did brew correctly! And, the best part is that he drank it and it didn’t make him go blind or kill him! Woot!

Everyone raise your glass for Phillip’s new hobby!!!