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Life is Good

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Things with PJ are settling in nicely. We are starting to get used to having another baby in the house. He has begun smiling, for going on a few weeks now. He sleeps well at night, waking only once or twice, but then waking up for the day at about 5-6am. I usually just ignore him and continue sleeping as best as I can until 7am. Sometimes its a technique that works and I wake up decently refreshed. Other times its a fail and I end up feeling crankier because rather than just tearing off the bandaid by getting up for the day, I keep almost falling asleep, only to be woken up by his awake baby sounds. Or, worse, he and I both fall back asleep only to be woken up by Rose just a few minutes later. Those are the most painful mornings.

Fortunately, I have a drug that I can turn to in order to cope. Its called caffeine. And it seems like I am relying on it more and more these days, and in ever larger quantities. I know I probably shouldn’t have so much, but I can’t really see my way out of it at the moment. Still, PJ is totally worth the pain. See how cute he is?


PJ and Violet have a very special relationship. Mostly because Violet is obsessed with him and will not leave him alone. She always wants to hold him, she always comes running up to him to kiss him, changes his diaper, gives him a pacifier, and carries him around the house when I let her. I probably shouldn’t let her. But meh, he is the fourth so he gets to be manhandled LOL…here is a picture of Rose manhandling the boy. See, it just happens.


If he is crying Violet will pick him up, even if she is having lunch or dinner at the time. She holds him and bounces him on one knee and eats with the other hand, like a little mother. Remember that his neck isn’t that strong yet, so while it sounds lovely of her, I have to stop her from bouncing him like that and not supporting his neck. Still, it is really cute how much she loves him. I think if she could nurse him too, she totally would. Sometimes she lines him up with all her baby dolls and puts blankets on them all, with PJ in the middle. I think he is her most favorite baby doll.


Ivy completed her ballet recital, which was a performance of Cinderella. She had a wonderful time.  She was a pumpkin and was also a clock who struck midnight. I was just as proud as I could be of her!


Here below is a better shot of the clock costume. See the 12 on the skirt? That’s midnight. All the little clocks danced around Cinderella and tore her apart from the Prince. Very creative interpretation, isn’t it?


Here she is with her clock friends from the recital.


In other news, Phillip has gone back to school to get this B.S. in Business Administration. Its all online classes from our local community college at the moment. I know this is just the beginning of a long and difficult process, made longer and more difficult by the fact that he has to do this while balancing work and a young family. Once he transfers to the University of Las Vegas there will be few, if any, online classes and he will be away a lot more. His 38th birthday was in May and here is a picture of him with the girls as they encroach upon his birthday cake.


Rose is now officially potty trained, so I only have one child in diapers these days. I don’t particularly mind changing diapers, but they are expensive so its good that we get to move past that stage for her. She seems perpetually deydtrated and doesn’t much care for drinking water or other liquids besides chocolate milk, so that is a particular challenge in this extremely dry environment. I find that keeping her hydrated is a lot of work and constant insistence on taking a sip of this or that. PJ is prone to dehydration too, so I am supplementing with an ounce of water every day. Rose also has had her first dentist visit and all is well with the chompers.


After the exam they let her choose some toys to take home, and predictably she found princess stuff.


Father’s day was nice, we went to brunch at a friend’s house. Here is THE father of the day with his children.


And, can I just show you a close shot of PJ and his dad so you can see his adorable outfit with matching bow tie??


And as for me, I have started up my various hobbies again, including scrapbooking, singing and violin. I have also started blogging again at my Las Vegas Mama blog. So if you feel like being entertained go there and read my posts (and comment! I live for comments!).