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Rose and PJ

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I know I have not posted regularly as I had meant to, but PJ has not been sleeping much and when he does sleep in the early morning Rose comes in and wakes us up, so things have been hard and I lack the focus to come and update the blog. But, randomly something funny happened that I wanted to share.

Go to my Las Vegas Mama blog to see.

I hope to get the Tombstone pictures up soon!

Tombstone, here we come!

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Traduccion abajo!

We are visiting our good friends the Urtu family down in Tucson. We have not seen them in forever so we’re pretty happy to see them. They were among our closest friends in Vegas and we were sad when they moved away. I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven them completely!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Tombstone,  which Phillip has always wanted to see. There is a town called Benson on the way where some of Phillip’s relatives are buried so we are going to stop there do grave rubbings. This is not like where you rub a lamp and a genie comes out. Its actually just taking a large paper and placing it against the headstone and then rubbing a crayon or charcoal across to make an impression of the headstone.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be with such good friends and just hang out. We don’t even have to be doing anything,  we just sit around talking and laughing.  Good times!

Maybe when we get back into town we’ll post some pictures!

Estamos visitando unos amigos en el estado de Arizona. Los extranamos mucho y todavia no los perdono por mudarse fuera de Las Vegas!!

Manana vamos al pueblo Tombstone,  done hubo una famosa pelea de pistoleros. Los actores Val Kilmer, Charleton Heston y Kurt Russel actuaron en una muy buena pelicula en 1993 llamada Tombstone a cerca de la pelea esa.

Tambien vamos a pasar por un pueblo donde estan sepultados unos familiares de Felipe.

Cuando volvemos a casa puedo poner las fotos del viajesito!