Another Princess Dress Under My Belt!

Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2010 at 3:07 pm

Here are pics of the latest princess dress I made. Ivy is modeling as she does her favorite things… curtsy, spin, and pick flowers! Next time I get a chance I want to go to the garment district in LA and get some less expensive fabrics so I can try to sell these on Etsy or something. I did get paid for this one…. 80 buckaroos! I think I probably could charge more on a website, but this was for a friend and I feel weird even accepting money.

How much do YOU think I should charge for such a dress?

Detail of the bodice

Detail of the bodice

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30 Responses to “Another Princess Dress Under My Belt!”

  1. Sara says:

    Andrea, this is so beautiful. You do a really REALLY great job and I would say you could totally charge 80$ for personalized ones or a bit less for regular easier to do styles without details. DO IT. You could make a ton of money!

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