Its Amazing

Posted on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at 8:01 am

Its amazing how much Violet talks now! It surprises me every time I suddenly make sense of what sounds like baby babble. This morning it was “I’m-a sit down.” A couple days ago it was, “Found it!” She can say the dogs name Princess, though it sounds like “Pintheth” LOL…its so cute. This morning she said, “I want Pintheth.” and “I’ma letter out, ta da!” (I’m going to let her out) and “Ivy’s thcared of Pintheth” (Ivy’s scared of Princess) Princess was trapped under the laundry basket if you are wondering what she was going to let her out from.

Her phrases are just developing so quickly. I thought maybe she was repeating phrases she heard, because I certainly do not remember Ivy speaking in full sentences at this age. But she is definitely putting them together by herself. Next thing you know she is going to be carrying on full conversations!

UPDATE: Oh, and the other thing I noticed today that she started saying was a full “yes” instead of “yeah”. Only she pronounces it “Yeth.” SO CUTE!!! So a few minutes ago she said, “Want apple jooth.” “You want apple juice?” I asked. “Yeth,” she answered. LOL

Anyway, a quick update on everyone else. We are all sick!! It started with Violet, then I got it, then Phillip and now Ivy. It doesn’t seem to be very severe, thank God! But the girls did develop a wet-sounding cough that is a bit nasty. As long as they don’t sound like their lungs are affected I am ok with that and we can just ride it out. I need to take Violet in for her 18 month vaccinations… a little late! I keep forgetting for some reason. And I don’t want to accidentally become a non-vaccinating mom! I do believe in vaccinating your children, unlike many of the Attachment Parenting moms in Vegas.

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