Happy 2014!

Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Happy New Year!

Christmas and school vacation is over, and it was a much needed break that we enjoyed a lot. There were visits from family, we listened to a lot of the  music of the season, there was prayer, lovely presents, and way too much delicious food. We have been so blessed by God.

Now we are back to school, and while there is a little bit of sadness that we can no longer be lazy, the structure is better for us as a family when we are schooling.

The break has allowed me to gain fresh perspective on school, which I also needed though I didn’t realize it. Some of the things I have come to realize about homeschool and our family are:

1) If it doesn’t happen in the morning, I cannot count on it happening at all, because naps take precedence (including my own nap!)

2) Teaching homeschool is actual WORK. I was spoiled by only teaching one child kinder and 1st grade. Now there are 2 school-age kids, and one is a second grader. Its way more work than I had thought, especially with a toddler running amok.

3)  I’ve been sucking the joy out of homeschooling by insisting on sticking exactly to the curriculum and placing high priority on math and phonics. Boooring! We haven’t been taking field trips or doing anything fun because I’m so concerned with sticking to the schedule. No longer! In 2014, I am planning on taking a field trip every week, or at a minimum every other week. I’m also planning on allowing Ivy to lead me a little more in her interests like science and nature. If it were up to her, we would do science and nature stuff every day, all day. If it were up to me we would do it once a week. So I’m going to let her encourage me more, and I am going to support her more. I also want to re-start Ivy on Latin. We did it for a while last year but she forgot everything over the summer, and we didn’t do it this year. I want to make that a priority. In summary: less workbooks, more science and Latin!

One of the particular joys of  homeschooling happened today. It could’ve been crummy day, but we turned it around. We have all been getting colds, and today Ivy finally succumbed as well. She was croaky and feverish and said she wanted to lay down somewhere warm, so I put her in my bed with a tray and we did school in bed. The other 2 also thought it was really fun and so they joined Ivy. We spent the morning in bed AND we got a lot of schoolwork done, which is awesome on so many levels. It was a lot of fun for all of us, including me. We even did cutting and pasting in bed, but I trust Ivy to be responsible with a glue stick so it wasn’t as risky as it sounds.


And, just for funsies, here is a picture of Violet.


I found her like this when I went to wake her from a nap a few weeks back. Those are stickers that she placed over her eyes and mouth. Creepy!!

In other news, I have been leading the Schola Cantorum at church. In the wake of the passing of our dear priest, Fr. Leo just before last Christmas, the congregation was quite lost and the music was the first to suffer. Its been gratifying to see how far the kids (ages 10-14) have come over the last 6 months or so. Now that we are back to rehearsals after the break, I am going teach the kids to sight read Gregorian chant and I am going to start teaching them some sacred polyphony. Palestrina, to be exact. Here is an easy one, we’ll probably start with this piece. It sounds complex but is is actually quite easy.

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16 Responses to “Happy 2014!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! LOL. VIOLET IS HILARIOUS!!!! CREEPY STICKERS!!!!!! lol. Awesome.

    Homeschool in bed. Sigh. It sounds as good as it looks. Woo! Glad everybody is still well enough to school! Getting behind right after vacation would suck. :(

  2. Sara says:

    That was me^

  3. iaia says:

    What a way to go to school! Sooo comfy!
    Reagarding math & phonics, while you are doing science they can also learn both. They don’t have to learn it from regular school books and they will learn more if they are doing something interesting. They will be paying attention to the science and don’t realize that they are learning the other stuff.

  4. Donaxi says:

    Ok, school was NEVER like this… too comfy hahaha, must be the Vargas side

    Man, I hope Violet still has all her eyelashes

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