Observation Week at Nevada Ballet Academy

Posted on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 10:10 pm

20131119_161432This week I got to sit in Ivy’s ballet class at the Nevada Ballet Academy. Usually parents aren’t allowed into the classes because they want the students to focus and not be distracted. Phillip took Violet and Rose to the library adjacent so I could watch in peace, knowing that the other two may not make quiet observation possible.

Phillip usually takes Ivy to ballet one afternoon each week, drops her off and then takes the 2 little ones to the library where as fortune would have it, there is a craft activity during Ivy’s class. That means I get to have 3 hours to myself every week, which needless to say is WONDERFUL!!! During that free time I may run errands or get a haircut or just go shopping for something I might need. Or… nap! These days, napping is my much-needed fave.

So this week, I skipped the me-time and sat in on her class. And yet again, I am grateful to Phillip for how giving and supportive he is. He makes the long trek across town during rush hour with all 3 girls so Ivy can dance in the best ballet classes in town and so I can have a break. Then, when the time comes for him to have the opportunity to see what Ivy is accomplishing,  he makes it possible for me to watch in peace while he takes the other 2 chickadees to the library…instead of sitting in on the class himself. Which I know he would love. This is one of the many reasons why I thank God every day for Phillip.


So it was wonderful seeing Ivy’s progress in ballet, and I am pleased to see the teacher emphasizing technique while keeping it fun and interesting for the girls. I took lots of video and condensed it into a shorter video of highlights.

Apparently ballet has its hazards, though. At one point a girl kicked ivy in the face accidentally. Not too hard though, fortunately. You’ll see what I mean in the video! Ivy told me later she was embarrassed but was trying to keep a happy face. I thought she kept her poise remarkably well. Maybe she was embarrassed because her stupid mom was giggling uncontrollably about it.

Look at the extension on that leg! This was moments after getting kicked in the face.


Ballerina poise.

It’s probably just mommy pride speaking here, but I really think that for a 6 year old she does very well and is one of the better girls in the class. You can judge for yourself.. Here is a little compilation I made.



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