A First Communion and a Fourth Baby

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I’ve been a tad busy lately, what with giving birth and all. So this is a combined post for the new baby and for Ivy’s First Communion.

First, here is Phillip Samuel, or PJ as we call him since he is basically Phillip, Jr.


Hello, world!

As you may already know, the labor and delivery went as smoothly as humanly possible. It was a start-stop-start kind of labor, and after attending Easter Mass and brunch at a good friend’s house, the labor picked up again. Fortunately, my friend lives 10 minutes from the hospital as opposed to 45 minutes like we do. After a very intense but thankfully short labor, we headed to the hospital. I ended up starting to push on the way there (again, just like with Rose’s labor!). aWe had a bit of a snafu trying to get a wheelchair, which meant that I ended up kneeling on the sidewalk in front of the hospital pushing. Someone called security and my friend went to the ER to find one. In the weirdest moment of all, a passing man asked me if I was pregnant! Ha! I was about to be Not Pregnant right on that sidewalk!

We eventually got to Labor and Delivery and about 20 minutes later, ‘lil PJ was born. All went smoothly, thank God!





Here, feast yer eyes on the little one.




A week after PJ was born we had Ivy’s First Communion, which was just enough time for me to recover from the birth. It all went well, and we had a reception at Lucille’s BBQ afterward, which means that PJ’s first outing to a restaurant was in keeping with the girls all going out to Lucille’s as their first outing. What can I say, I guess we love BBQ!

Here are some pictures from the First Communion and a few from a photo shoot we did today.








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