Getting Ready!

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2014 at 9:39 pm

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School is starting next week! Monday will be our first day back. Ivy is starting 3rd grade and Violet is starting 1st grade. Its hard to believe they are already at those grade levels!

Curriculum has been selected, books have been purchased, uniforms have been ordered and laundered (they are a good visual reminder that helps us stay disciplined). I made our schedule, and though I am a little nervous about being able to complete everything each day when I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old, but I am going to give it my all!

Ah, the beauty of new school books all lined up!


My hope for this school year is just that we stay on schedule with all the work they have to do.

Phillip and I came up with a game they can play which may help them keep up with their work. We aren’t sure what we will call it yet, but it involves a Yeti that chases them up a mountain. The object of the game is to stay ahead of the Yeti so it won’t catch them. The only way to move up the mountain is to complete all of the day’s tasks, which moves you up one space. There will also be opportunities to do extra work and earn things like Yeti Bait to slow him down and Snowshoes to move faster up the mountain. I am working on the game now, but I will post a picture of it once its done.

Although we were using Mother of Divine Grace for curriculum these past two years, we have branched out and are using Seton for the grammar and reading comprehension, and Classical Memoria Press for a few others. Math will be Singapore, and Phillip is going to teach them math in the mornings before he leaves for work to get some of the work off my plate. It will be a huge help!

We are retaining the poetry component from Mother of Divine GraceĀ  – that was my favorite part of it! Both Ivy and Violet will be tackling Latin this year and Ivy will be starting on Astronomy for science. That should dovetail neatly with the Greek Mythology she’ll be learning.

The other thing that I am doing this year is filing our intent to homeschool. I don’t like to have to file anything with the government, because really, it’s none of their beeswax. But its the law and I have to comply. At least I can be comforted knowing that Nevada is one of the more hands-off states out there. It’s still the wild, wild West out here in a lot of ways.


So that’s all the news for now. I’m sure there will be lots to update you on when I blog again next week after our first week back.

Please pray for us to have a fruitful year of learning!


Primero de todo me van a tener que disculpar por no poner los acentos donde corresponden, pero no tengo ni idea como se hacen en my teclado! En ingles no se usan. Y tambien disculpenme cualquier falta de ortografia. :)

Estamos alistandonos para empezar de nuevo con la escuela el lunes. Ivy va a empezar tercer grado y Violet va a estar en primer grado. Por si no saben, hacemos la escuela en casa, no van a una escuela publica. El sistema de educacion en Las Vegas no es bueno, y las escuelas privadas son demasiadas caras, asi la educacion mejor que van a recibir va a ser en casa.

Ya compramos los libros, ordenamos los uniformes (los uniformes nos ayudan tener un recuerdo visual que nos ayuda mantener la disciplina), hice el horario, y aunque me pone un poco nerviosa ensenar con un bebe de 3 meses y una nina de 2 anyos, voy a hacer el esfuerzo mejor que pueda.

Aqui estan los libros, todos nuevitos y lindos!


La otra cosa que tengo que hacer esta anyo es proveer un documento al gobierno que dice que vamos a ensenar en la casa. No me gusta tener que hacer eso porque al gobierno no le pertenece saber de mi vida personal. Pero asi es la lei y lo tengo que hacer. Lo que si es bueno es que el estado de Nevada es uno de los estado que menos se meten en la vida de la gente. En alguna manera todavia es el “wild West” aqui.


Basicamente, estos son todas las noticias por ahora. Por favor rezen por nosotros que tengamos un buen anyo escolar!

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  1. Liz says:

    You and Phils need to stahhp with all your cool ideas! I feel like a super lame mom over here haha!
    Pass along the yeti game, please! ;)

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