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Posted on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at 10:12 am

(Todavia no tuve tiempo de traducir, disculpenme!! Lo voy a intentar esta semana! Esto es a cerca de PJ.)

This post is an update on PJ! This is what he looked like when he was born:


And this is what he looks like now:


Clearly, he is still snazzy as the day he was born.

He is 5 months old now and has been a lot more grabby lately. He basically will try to grab anything and everything that crosses his path. The other day he kept grabbing my glasses off my face, and Ivy thought that was the absolute funniest thing she had ever seen. She laughed really, really hard. Which if you know Ivy, a real gut laugh is not something you often hear from her. She is more of a dainty giggler than a belly laugher. Here are Ivy and PJ together, with his fauxhawk slicked down for church.


He likes to play with his feet and toes, and he has a little firefly toy with that noisy “baby paper” in the wings. He grabs and releases the wings over and over as he puts a razor sharp focus on it, staring intently at it. My most favorite thing about PJ, though, is his morning smile. First thing when he wakes up and lays eyes on me his entire face lights up and he gives me the most joyous smile you can ever imagine!! It makes the pain of waking up a lot more worth it. I feel so special when he smiles at me like that!

This is not the morning smile, but its a morning face:


Last week he was teething and had a cold so night time was horrible. Lots of waking and crying, and not all the tears were from PJ. But its gotten a lot better now and only wakes up once around 4am and then for the day around 6:30am. The killer part, of course, is that Rose wakes up at 6am and comes straight to my room and wakes me and PJ up. Between 4 and 7am is when I get my best sleep, so that is pretty hard. Since she is 2, she doesn’t really care that I have asked her repeatedly to quietly look at books in the living room until I wake up! So I really need that morning smile from him to set me straight!


He likes to sit in his Bumbo seat, but the drawback is that the girls always scooch him around the house in it, so I might turn my back for a minute to pour myself some coffee and he’ll be gone. Then I have to hunt him down. Often, its Rose who has taken him. If she is eating breakfast or lunch she will scoot him right next to her chair. But most often, I find her in some dark corner, hoarding PJ. She gets defensive and angry when I try to take him back. She reminds me of a giant spider who has dragged a poor little fly into her lair. Sometimes it takes me a while to find them because she is purposefully hiding him so I won’t take him back.

Other times, its Violet or Ivy to take him. But they don’t keep him stationary unless they want to pretend he is their doll. Mostly they slide him back and forth between the kitchen and the living room like they are driving a car! It’s pretty funny and he really does love it.

That’s all on PJ for now! He is my little sweetheart!!


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  1. Laura says:

    I think he looks so much like you on that Bumbo picture!!! He’s adorable!!! The fact that Rose hides him from you made me LOL.

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