Fine Weather and Fun

Posted on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 at 6:49 pm

The weather finally turned, at least temporarily. Instead of the 100 degree weather we have been having, it was suddenly about 70 degrees yesterday- glorious!!! We all went for a walk down to the park.

The girls took their chances on the monkey bars, it was really funny.

Here are some pictures from the day, starting with my two favorite ones. First, Violet about to fall off the monkey bars. See her face??? Hilarious!!


Can we zoom in on that face? Close up!!



And then she fell:


Don’t worry, Phillip caught her as she fell. She actually got the hang of it and did quite well.

Here is us with Rose…


20140927_123044 20140927_123028   20140927_123001(0)

And here is Ivy struggling on the monkey bars. Like me, not a natural monkey. We are more like water babies, she and I. This exactly what I used to look like on the monkey bars as a child.


And….walking home!




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