Its 4am, do you know where your fetus is?

Posted on Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 4:48 am

Why, yes, I do!! Since you ask, my fetus is pressing up against my lungs at the moment. I am sleepy, but when you feel like you cannot get enough air it really doesn’t allow for too much relaxation. So here I am, it is 4:34AM and I have been awake for at least an hour and a half…tossing, turning, tossing, turning. I finally gave up and decided I may as well do something. Mmmm, maybe I will have a snack.

Anyway, in other news my grandma is going to Argentina to collect on my Grandpa’s pension…actually she left last night. The government stalled and stalled and my Grandpa never saw the money. Then they kept stalling and throwing up invalid roadblocks so my Grandma could not collect either. So she sued them, basically. And good thing she is long lived because at long last the court sided with her and awarded her the pension money in a lump sum. So now she is on her way to collect her long-overdue pension. Bitter old Argentine that she is, she said she would believe it when the money was in her hands!

I am a little worried about her making such a long trip… when you are 99 years old, any day can be your last…granted, this is my Grandma we are talking about- the lady that survived a backwards fall off the top step of a bus with nothing more than a scratch on the head…the lady that survived major abdominal surgery against all odds when she was 93…the lady that constantly surprises her doctors with her continued mental and physical agility…the woman is made of rubber. But still…I just pray she will be ok and come back to us safely. Especially since Ivy is so attached to her and asks for her at least a half dozen times a day (no exaggeration!) Ivy needs her and I want her to meet Violet. So keep her in your prayers too please!

Ok, time to attempt some more sleep. Ivy has been waking up by 6:30AM lately, so I don’t have a lot of time left. Goodnight! Or good morning, depending on your perspective.

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