Ultrasound results

Posted on Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 10:18 pm

I went to get an ultrasound of Violet yesterday, and everything looks good! The perinatologist said that Violet is perfectly healthy and is good to go for a home birth! He also said that April is the only midwife in town he trusts to do a home birth, and told me how good she is. Its very validating to hear that.

Violet now weighs an estimated 5 lbs. 12oz. and will probably weigh about as much as Ivy did at term (7 lbs. 9oz). She is already in a head down position (yay!!!) and let’s hope she stays that way. We saw her making practice breathing movements, practice sucking motions with her mouth, and she has a ton of hair!

We are super excited to get to meet her soon – If all goes according to plan, it will only be about 4 more weeks until we can hold her in our arms. I kind of hope she will come early, though. That would be AWESOME.

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